CPH MEWP and Height Training

Training can be carried out on your own site using your own equipment or off site using our own comfortable training centre, facilities and equipment.

Why chose CPH?

  • We deliver flexible training, what you need when you need it
  • Professional and Practical Training
  • FETAC Accredited Instructor
  • Very competitive pricing

Courses we cover include:

  • MEWP training / Working at Height training
  • Forklift training
  • Hi-Ab training
  • Harness use and inspection
  • Combined course covering any of the above categories of MEWP training
  • Manual Handling training (Assessment on site)

Work at Height Training

On completion of this course participants will be able to:

  • Understand the main hazards associated with working at height and how to deal with them
  • Be able to carry out a Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment exercise prior to commencing operations
  • Understand the statutory documentation required for working at height
  • Be able to inspect Work at Height equipment and satisfy him/herself that it is safe to use
    (e.g. Ladders/step ladders, tower and fixed scaffolds, harness & lanyards)
  • Understand the necessity to plan for rescue and know of the effects of Suspension Trauma in the event of an accident

MEWP Training

On completion of this course participants will be able to:

  • Operate an MEWP safely and correctly in accordance with the Manufacturer’s guidelines
    and the Work at Height Regulations as per the
    Safety, Health & Welfare at Work Act
    (General Applications) 2007
  • Clearly understand the causes of instability while
    operating an MEWP
  • Be able to carry out correctly, a pre-use inspection of the MEWP
  • Understand fully the procedures for the emergency lowering of the MEWP in the event of an emergency


Accredited Training saves YOU money!

“Providing Safety Training will ensure CPH is not only meeting their legal responsibilities but also is proactively developing a positive health and safety culture within the industry. Training contributes toward making employees competent in health and safety and helps avoid the distress and reduced the costs associated with accidents and ill-health. By undertaking the correct steps in risk identification, assessment and mitigation – there is the potential to obtain significant savings in premiums and claims as well as increasing productivity.”

Willis Risk Services Limited

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MEWP and Working at Height Harness Pack

The CPH Harness Pack contains

A    1. No. Body Harness with 1 dorsal D-Ring and 2 Chest attachment textile loops for fall arrest.

B    1. No. Restraint Kernmantle Rope Lanyard 1 metre. (MEWP Use)

C    1. No. Energy Absorbing Webbing Lanyard 1.5 metre. (Not for MEWP Use)

D    2. No. Steel Screw-locking Karabiner with an 18mm gate opening.

E    1. No. Jute bag with 2 handles and Carrying Strap

F    1. No. Full detailed Manuals and Certification included.

E F Harness